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For over 150 years, Irvine Company has pioneered sustainable development through master planning, open space conservation and land stewardship. Today, this philosophy is evident across our workplace communities, where sustainable practices are integral to daily operations, including our workplace trees that collectively make up our urban forests.

$10.8 Million in Annual Benefits

The trees at Irvine Company workplaces provide annual environmental benefits valued at $10.8 million, according to analysis conducted by Davey Resource Group on behalf of Irvine Company Office. Our urban forests are home to roughly five times the number of plants as the average office property, all carefully selected for maximum environmental impact. 53,000+ trees from 158 unique species provide natural shade, hardscape cooling and wind reduction, reducing dust, absorbing gaseous pollutants and increasing oxygen levels.

Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas

From walking meetings to outdoor team collaboration sessions, just 10 minutes a day in nature can reduce stress and improve workplace performance. Access to green spaces — including our urban forests — reduces stress and enhances mood, supporting the innovative thinking that drives business success. That’s why our workplace communities prioritize outdoor space for teams to connect and collaborate, and many of our workplaces offer direct access to walking and bike trails and pedestrian pathways.

Success Works Here.®