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As companies move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to office layouts, they’re exploring a variety of different workspace designs, and outdoor space is ground zero for this transformation. Digitally-enabled campuses with NextGen outdoor spaces make a bold employer branding statement, driving recruitment and retention efforts. But the benefits don’t end here. When companies optimize the power of outdoor space, they transform how their teams connect, collaborate, and create.

“When we design a campus, we’re considering how people interact and what they need to perform at their full potential,” says John Koga, Vice President Design, Irvine Company. “We’re intentionally designing for a unified indoor-outdoor experience that helps teams break free from the traditional office, fostering collaboration and catalyzing innovation.”

 From Silicon Valley to San Diego, here’s how outdoor space is changing the future of work:

A strong employer brand is vital to the employee experience, and this starts with workplace design that offers employees the flexibility to decide where they work and play– and a corporate culture that empowers this freedom.

To unlock the full benefits of outdoor workspace, your team needs to fully engage with this space– and this starts with you. As a leader in your organization, your daily choices set an important precedent for how space can be utilized. Learn four steps you can take today to maximize the benefits of your outdoor workspace:

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