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The Hybrid Electric Collection is the first fleet of office buildings to use Tesla Energy storage systems and Advanced Microgrid Solutions software to reduce peak energy demand, in addition to serving as an electricity resource for the local utility grid.

Solving the Energy Storage Challenge

Irvine Company’s long-term commitment to caring for our local communities puts us in a unique position to serve as a partner in addressing systemic issues. A decade ago, Southern California Edison wanted to create a distributed network of batteries that store energy when it is plentiful and give it back to the grid when demand spikes. But their plan required the perfect partner to step up — and we did.

As a forever owner of workplaces across California, Irvine Company had the reach, stability and ambition the project required. In 2015, we launched an initiative to become the world’s first major real estate company to create — in partnership with Advanced Microgrid Solutions — a fleet of 24 hybrid electric buildings powered by state-of-the-art energy storage systems from Tesla Energy. 

Reducing Peak Energy Demand by 25%

The Hybrid Electric Collection reduces peak-energy consumption from local utilities, eases the need for additional power plants, reduces electricity costs and provides back-up power during grid outages. Customers in hybrid electric buildings benefit from a 10% reduction in utility costs. They’re also part of a groundbreaking approach that saves 60,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year by eliminating the need to run natural gas power plants during the highest demand hours.

 In 2020, Irvine Company added four new buildings to its hybrid electric fleet, three workplaces and the Resort at Pelican Hill®. Our construction projects are now planned with dedicated energy storage space to meet future energy storage needs, as the grid requires.

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